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Micah Network is a global network.

 Governance is provided by an International Board selected from the membership and representing the regions from around the world. Day to day management and coordination of Micah Network is delegated to the International Director, who together with the Staff Team, work alongside members to fulfil the shared vision and mission. Micah Network is a registered charity with their Secretariat based in the United Kingdom. The UK Charity Registration number is: 1103048 Coordination and networking needs to be relevant, accessible, inclusive and timely. To facilitate this and ensure members are enabled to actively engage in the network, coordination and oversight occurs at three levels: See Structure Diagram 


Governance: International Board

Management and Coordination: International Secretariat

  • To strengthen cooperation and partnerships between Christian organisations globally
  • To establish regional coordination groups who will be responsible for the development of regional strategic plans
  • Facilitate a global consultation every three years (triennial).



Governance: Regional Coordination Group and International Director

Management: Regional Coordinator

  • To strengthen cooperation and partnership between Christian organisations within their region
  • To establish national coordination groups where requested who will be responsible for development of national plans
  • Facilitate regional consultations
  • There are 5 Regions: Africa-Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America.



Governance: National Coordination Group (NCG) and Regional Coordinator

Management and Coordination: Chair of NCG or National Coordinator

  • To strengthen cooperation and partnership between Christian organisations within their country.
  • To facilitate conversations for Christian organisations to discuss integral mission
  • To facilitate workshops to enhance members good practice capacity
  • To link members into regional and global activities.

Note: There needs to be three or more members in a country before a national coordination group can be established. Note: Micah Network is a global network; therefore the regional and national coordination groups are there to contextualise, advise and support the outworking of the vision, mission and programme objectives. Membership application, registration and members financial contribution remains the responsibility of the Micah Network Secretariat.


International Board

  • Matthew Maury

    Board Member
    Matthew is TEAR Australia's National Director. Previously serving as head of Africa and Middle East programs of Habitat for Humanity, over the past... more

  • Chantal Tehe-Yoa
    Chantal Tehe-Yoa

    Board Member
    Based in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire more

  • David Boul
    David Boul

    Based in Woking, United Kingdom David worked in the international oil, gas and electricity industries until 1995. Since then he has had a variety of... more

Panel of Reference

  • Dr Melba Maggay

    Based in the Philippines: A writer and a social anthropologist, Melba Padilla Maggay holds a doctorate in Philippine Studies, a masteral degree in... more

  • Elaine Storkey
    Dr Elaine Storkey

    Elaine is President of Tearfund UK, a Lecturer in Theology at Oxford University and Senior Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. She also works... more

  • René Padilla
    Dr René Padilla

    Based in Argentina René Padilla has a PhD in New Testament from the University of Manchester, England. He was a member of the staff of the... more

  • Vinoth Ramachandra
    Dr Vinoth Ramachandra

    Vinoth currently serves as Secretary for Dialogue & Social Engagement for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. He also speaks at... more

  • Johannes Reimer
    Johannes Reimer

    Panel of Reference
    Rev Dr Johannes Reimer was born in 1955 in the former Soviet Union and during adolescence he became a believer.  In 1976, he moved to Germany... more

  • Sebastian Kim
    Professor Sebastian Kim

    Sebastian Kim is Professor of Theology and Public Life in the Faculty of Education & Theology of York St John University, UK. He is a Fellow of... more

  • CB Samuel
    Rev CB Samuel

    CB Samuel has had a lengthy relationship with Micah Network and has spoken at a number of Micah Network's Global and Regional Consultations.... more

  • David Coffey
    Rev David Coffey

    David Coffey has been President of the Baptist World Alliance, a global organisation of 100 million people in 180 countries, since 2005. He was... more

  • Ruth Padilla DeBorst
    Ruth Padilla deBorst

    Panel of Reference
    Ruth Padilla DeBorst has been involved in leadership development and theological education in Latin America and beyond for several decades.... more

  • Steve Bradbury
    Steve Bradbury

    A Welsh-born Kiwi-Australian, Steve is married to Chris, and is Dad to Sarah (32) and Tom (27).  Director of the Micah 6.8 Centre at Tabor... more