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Asia Mobilising for Integral Mission

Asia Mobilising for Integral Mission

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Monday to Friday
17/10/11 - 21/10/11
Registration: Monday 17th October, 14:00 - 16:00
Near Kulatara, Sri Lanka, Kukuleganga Holiday Resort,


It is 10 years since Micah Network was established! It is time to reflect on where we are now, learn, improve and press on for all, which God is calling us to. 

The exciting church growth throughout Asia is exhilarating and requires us all to take responsibility that we build with gold and silver, so that we can stand true as salt and light in our communities. 

The context in Asia is such that we increasingly see Asia having a stronger influencing voice globally both in mission and in global leadership. The multi faith environment, at times faced with extremists and fear are constant realities to be faced, alongside the widening gap between rich and poor, marginalisation and oppression, major disasters and technological evolutions. 

How can we as a network support one another to respond effectively and with love in such contentious arenas? This consultation seeks to underpin the theological values that informs and inspires our practice, strengthen the quality and witness of our response and mobilise us to be the agents of change in our communities and our work.

 All topics will include:

  1. Theological perspectives (the why)
  2. Good practice guidance (the how)
  3. Leaning (shared experiences of practice and theological impact)


 Member Shared* Accommodation Fee: US $ 500 

 Member Single Accommodation Fee: US $ 650 

 Non-member shared* Accommodation Fee: US $ 550 

 Non-member Single Accommodation Fee: US $ 700 

*Shared: Twin 

Subsidised cost for Sri Lankan participants: Please enquire from LEADS. 

Subsidies for registration for non-Sri Lankan participants:  Please download the subsidy-related document on the right for complete details.


Download the .pdf brochure and other Consultation-related documents on the right for complete and updated details.