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Integral Urban Mission Summit

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Saturday to Tuesday
26/01/13 - 29/01/13
Bangkok, Thailand


The first annual International Society for Urban Mission (ISUM) Summit will be held January 26th-29th, in partnership with Micah Network. This year’s theme is “Integral Urban Mission”. Based in Bangkok, the conference will be an interactive, participatory, four-day experience including hands-on, immersion opportunities and lectures, workshops and keynotes. We are looking forward to meeting together to build trust, wisdom and be inspired to better engage our new urban world! Through this Summit, our hearts are to “seek the peace of the city” (Jeremiah 29:7) for our various urban cities scattered around South East Asia and the globe.

Key practitioner themes, best practices, reflective prayer, active bible studies, calls for collective action and case studies/story telling are some of our key features. Several of the talks given will be used in the New Urban World journal and we aim for varied mix of Western and Majority World Christian thinker/activists. During the Summit, we will also have our first ISUM annual general meeting to evaluate our work and for members to volunteer and vote for jobs like editorial panel, journal editor, convener and address any policy challenges required of ISUM.

Some of our keynote speakers and participants include:

  • Shane Claiborne – The Simple Way, Philadelphia
  • Dr. Ruth Callanta – Center for Community Transformation, Manila
  • Dr. Sonny Tha Nyan – General Secretary YMCA, Yangon
  • Dr. Ash Barker – Urban Neighbours of Hope, Bangkok
  • Wallace and Mary Kamau – Missions of Hope International, Nairobi
  • David Bussau – Founder, Opportunity International; President, Wholistic Transformation Resource Center, Manila
  • Dr. Rosalee Velloso Ewell, Executive Director – World Evangelical Alliance, San Paulo/Birmingham
  • Dr. Viv Grigg, International Director of MA in Transformational Urban Leadership - Azusa Pacific University, Auckland/L.A.

ISUM Summit Brief Overview

Saturday, January 26th

Worship and Reflective Prayer

Collective discussion: Expectations, Hopes, Vision

Immersion experiences in Bangkok with various ministry partner locations

Sunday, January 27th

Opportunity to hear Shane Claiborne speak at the Evangelical Church of Bangkok

Immersion experiences in Bangkok with various ministry partner locations

Participatory discussion and feedback: Key practitioner themes and experiences

Monday, January 28th

Keynote Talks

Interactive Workshops

Celebration Community Dinner

Tuesday, January 29th

Further Workshops

Calls for collective action

Final Keynote


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