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Integral Mission Forum UK

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10:30 - 16:00
London, CMF Office


Integral Mission Forum: faciliated by Global Connections and Micah Global

Theme: Fundraising as a cornerstone of Integral Mission

We are often told the money is a neutral unit for exchange. However, Jesus described money as mammon (Matthew 6:24), a term which refers to the god of riches. By this we realise that money has a spiritual element, a spiritual force. Such a force can exert significant influence on us, on our identity, on our priorities and on our fundraising.

In God’s upside down Kingdom, what do we understand are the Christian distinctive about raising funds for the work and service we believe are essential for the common good of our world?

Over the years we have applied good practice standards and principles to our fundraising approaches – but are these distinctly Christian? Have we had the courage to look deeper into the theology and subsequent practice for an integral mission response to fundraising?

This Integral Mission Forum theme is one that affects us all.

We will hear from experts in this field who radically model distinctive ways to fundraise and can help us to approach Fundraising in a new way. We will bridge the gap between our marketing teams and our practitioners and seek a more joined up way of thinking. We will expose the practices that should be stopped and seek together an exciting way to call people to invest in God’s Misison.

Join us on 13September 2016 as we dare to lift the lid of Pandora’s Fundraising box and wrestle with God’s Kingdom perspective on this. 

The meeting starts at 11.00am (refreshments from 10.30am) and finishes at 4.00pm. The venue is Christian Medical Fellowship, 6 Marshalsea Road, London, SE1 1HL (Nearest underground: Borough).

Please book soon through Global Connections via the website.

We look forward to welcoming you to these exciting events.