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Integral Mission in Violent Places

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Monday to Friday
05/09/16 - 09/09/16
Honduras, Centro de Retiro "cerro de luz" la Union biblica, Siguatepeque

Integral Mission in Violent Places

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Early Bird (before 31st July 2016): US $ 150.00

Late Registration: US $ 200.00

Registration fee includes: 4 nights accommodation, full board, resources and registration fee.

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About the Consultation

Violence continues to be a crucial problem we face daily in Latin America.  Every day, we witness encounters, beyond traditional armed confrontations, between belligerent organizations seeking control of some territory, population, or market.

We have seen a rise in the incidence of female homicide, trafficking in persons, child sexual abuse, murder, racial discrimination, environmental degradation, etc., which particularly affect the impoverished people and communities in our countries.  This increase reflects not only the degree of the State’s and citizens’ indifference to the problems, but, also, the lack of comprehensive policies to end violence, heal wounds, and create a culture of peace. 

Emerging from this context, we are compelled to renew and (re) launch our efforts.  Part of this effort involves recognizing the invaluable experiences of churches, organizations, and networks working at local and regional levels to accompany victims of violence and advocate for just causes. 

Furthermore, we need to take account of the invaluable human capital in the evangelical community that can take part in developing pedagogical and pastoral initiatives and other such movements to confront violence and create a culture of peace.

In this matter, we believe it is important to hold a gathering to reflect and put on the Latin American evangelical community agenda the following proposals:  build and strengthen peace initiatives, develop an action plan to prevent and respond to violence, and wholly restore victims and perpetrators of violence.

Topics will include:

Smuggling and trafficking of persons

Child sexual abuse

Delinquency and urban violence

Gender violence and domestic violence

Social-environmental conflicts

Violence against indigenous populations and people of African descent

Criminalization of social movements

Consultation will offer:

Dialogue and Discussion about the Problem of Violence

During the conference, we will have many opportunities for dialogue and debate about the reality of violence and its manifestations and implications in our countries.

Workshops about Options for Peace

We will have a variety of thematic workshops led experts, activists, professors, and peace workers who have been developing initiatives and strategies related to confronting violence, advocating to policy makers, and supporting victims.

Opportunities to Share Best Practices

We will offer spaces for organizations and churches to share and discuss best practices in their unique work in creating a culture of peace and fair treatment.

Biblical and Theological Reflections

The conference will provide meaningful time for group reflection on the Word in order to discover Biblical-theological frameworks that help us to think and act based on faith and Kingdom values for the formation of cultures and systems of peace in contexts of violence.

Worship and Intercession

Throughout the conference, we will have many opportunities to worship and pray.  Because we believe prayer is central to God’s work, we believe prayer is crucial to transforming perpetrators and structures of violence, empowering policy makers with the possibly to make peace, to do so responsibly, and, at the same time, encouraging the community, and especially the church, to assume its prophetic role.