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International School of Reconciliation for Peace Practitioners

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Monday to Thursday
26/02/18 - 15/03/18
All day
Kigali, Rwanda, Rabagirana Ministries


Rabagirana Ministries, in partnership with Mercy Ministries International and Healing the Nations, have announced the next International School of Reconciliation (ISOR) to be held in Kigali, Rwanda in Feb/March 2018. The school will be held in English only.

After attending the Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict (HWEC) workshop, thousands of lives have been transformed, communities have been changed and churches have taken steps towards becoming agents of healing and reconciliation.

The main teachers will be Dr Rhiannon Lloyd, a former medical doctor and psychiatrist from Wales, who founded the HWEC workshop; Pastor Joseph Nyamutera, who lived through the heat of the genocide, the Director of Rabagirana Ministries, MMI representative for Reconciliation and Advisor to the Peace and Reconciliation Network of the World Evangelical Alliance; and Rev George Devuyst, an American missionary with Resonate Global Mission who is now leading the reconciliation ministry in war-torn Ukraine and the region.

We combine the Healing and Reconciliation Workshop with community training and practical experience, including how to express our reconciliation in the community in a practical way. With the exception of your travel costs to Rwanda, the all-inclusive cost for the full course is:

  • $700 for the International community
  • $500 for Great Lakes nationals who are sent by organisations
  • $350 for Great Lakes nationals who are self supporting.

Please download the attached brochure for all the information and click here to email Domi for an application form and detailed information.