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Case Study: HIV & AIDs Project, Nigeria

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Aid for AIDS and Design for the Family

This paper was first presented as a case study at the Micah Network 2002 consultation on HIV/AIDS and Integral Mission by Sam O. Udanyi of the Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), Nigeria.

"This project was officially launched on May 30th 1997 as a response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Nigeria with a special focus on "youth and family". The ultimate goal of the project is an AIDS free generation. The project has so far trained over 4,576 volunteers and church workers and has reached over 4,197,186 beneficiaries out of the 7,189,000 targeted to be reached within 6 years (April 1997 - March 2003). The main strategy of the project is "catching a few to reach many" using training of trainers workshops to get down to the grassroots with integrated prevention education. Through monitoring and evaluation the process is being closely checked at all levels. Partnership with 3 other organisations and intensive networking with related organisations has greatly helped our work over the years..."