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Conflict, Wars, and the Church - DRC

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The Micah Network convened a Francophone consultation in Burkina Faso from 19 - 23 November 2007 on Integral Mission and the Church.

The objectives of the consultation were:

  • To encourage a new understanding and practice of integral mission
  • To encourage the church to respond to HIV & AIDS
  • To introduce Micah Network to the region
  • To introduce Micah Challenge and to explore the possibilities of national campaigns

These objectives were achieved through:

  • Plenary, case studies and workshops on integral mission
  • Plenary, case studies and workshops on HIV & AIDS (Christian responses)
  • Opening plenary on Micah Network (and workshop later in the program)
  • Plenary on advocacy and Micah Challenge, workshops on national campaigns

Reverend BANYENE Bulere presented a paper at the consultation on Conflict, Wars and the Church: the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read the English translation by downloading on the right.