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Compassionate Community Work by Dave Andrews

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Compassionate Community Work by Dave Andrews

In Compassionate Community Work, Dave Andrews has provided a truly remarkable and comprehensive resource for teaching and learning about community development.

This “introductory course on community work for churches” is much more than a text book. It is an invitation to participate in an experiential, highly practical, spiritually rich, and potentially life-changing learning process.

This exceptional resource is the product of someone who has dedicated much of his life to nurturing in himself and others a commitment to work with those whom society so easily ignores, neglects, and sometimes even despises.

Dave’s course is utterly unique. Prayer, meditation, vigorous engagement with Biblical material, private and communal reflection are all central activities.

Behind it lies a love and respect for the church, but also a longing to see churches, in whatever shape they take, develop as rich communities where we love God, love and sustain one another, and truly love our neighbour.

For user-friendliness, this course ranks highly. Explanations and instructions are given with great clarity. Moreover, the material would be easy to adapt to different contexts. In producing this manual, Dave has done us a great service. Review by Steve Bradbury.