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'More and Better Food' - Called to Care No.9

'More and Better Food' - Called to Care No.9

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'More and Better Food' - Called to Care No.9

Strategies of Hope have published a new book in their Called to Care series.

More and Better Food

Farming, climate change, health and the AIDS epidemic

More and Better Food is an essential guide for food security in the age of climate change and the AIDS epidemic.  It presents basic information about food and health, managing soil and water, and improving productivity through organic farming methods which help to address the challenges of climate change.  Written in clear, simple language, the book contains numerous participatory exercises for teaching and learning new farming techniques through practical activities, and is well illustrated with line drawings.


The co-authors: Rev Dr Anne Bayley is a writer and consultant on HIV and related issues.  She is a former Professor in the School of Medicine at University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia.  Mugove Walter Nyika is an environmental educator based in Malawi, with wide experience of permaculture and of integrated land use design for school communities.

By Anne Bayley and Mugove Walter Nyika, 88 pages; published March 2011; price £2.60. Available from TALC: To email TALC please click here . 
ISBN 978-1-905746-16-3.