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World Cafe - 2006 Global Consultation

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Integral Mission in a World of Conflict

Small Groups for Collaborative Dialogues

Micah Network’s Triennial Global Consultation trialled a new method of small group dialogue called the “World Café”, which is based on a book called The World Café: Shaping our Futures Through Conversations That Matter (edited by Juanita Brown).
The main consultation meeting room was set up as a café, with 4-5 people at each table grappling with big questions and issues which got to the heart of the consultations’ themes of violence and conflict.
Participants shared their insights with one another over a café session (around 30-40 minutes) and then rotated to different coffee tables to cross-pollinate ideas. After a few rounds of the café, a “town meeting” was called for table hosts to share the key points emerging at their table. Later each day, a talented artist brought together the key themes in pictures.

The cafe was facilitated by 10 participants from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the US.

World Café aims:

The aim of the World Café was to give all, including the shy, a chance to share their experience and wisdom.

World Café is built on two assumptions:

  • The knowledge and wisdom we need are already present and accessible amongst us
  • Intelligence emerges as we connect to each other in creative ways

Collaborative dialogue involves:

  • Honouring unique contributions
  • Connecting ideas
  • Listening “into the middle”
  • Noticing deeper patterns and questions

Dialogue followed common Café Etiquette. Participants were encouraged to:

  • CONTRIBUTE their thinking and experience
  • LISTEN to understand
  • CONNECT ideas
  • LISTEN TOGETHER for patterns, insights and deeper questions
  • FOCUS on what matters!