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Beyond Thun 2012

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01 October 2012

The publication of the affirmations, confessions and questions drawn from the plenary presentations and from the concerns raised by participants during the Micah Network 5th Global Consultation is made. For the full document download here.

The affirmation document is entitled: Beyond Thun 2012.

Interestingly Thun (or spelt Tun) in German means to do, to act or the way we conduct ourselves.

Preparing the Document

Our desire was to focus on ensuring grass root impact was at the heart of our discussions and commitments. The sessions were designed to address this. We also wanted to reflect back over the impact we had had to date on promoting and applying integral mission in our lives, through our organisations and our churches. Learn and affirm what we need to do and prioritise now. To guide our thoughts we drew from the four characteristics of an integral church, outlined in René Padilla’s chapter in the Local Church, Agent of Transformation, and captured in his opening address. Daily devotional reflections further evolved these characteristics.

A drafting team were put together to capture the daily learning from the sessions and to prayerfully draft a document that would help to guide us Beyond Thun. We did not want to write another Declaration or Statement, rather we wanted to create a reflective commitment which we could all together and individually read and affirm, embedding questions to challenge, inspire and promote us to continue to strive for all that God calls us to in applying an integral mission approach.

We hope this will impact all our lives as we work through the sections.