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COVID-19/Coronavirus Information and Resources

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24 March 2020

The current outbreak of this new virus is requiring a national and global response on a scale many of us have never experienced in our lifetimes.

One of the strengths of being in a network such as Micah is that we have gifted and skilled members whose experiences can be shared throughout the network and wider Christian community so as to enable us all to be informed and effective in each of our own contexts, as we seek to be examples and witnesses.

This information page will grow as members send in their stories their resources and learning and we can all benefit from one another. If you have materials to add please send to:

Theological Reflections

Our anchor, strength and hope is in the wonderful truth revealed throughout Scripture and through the life of Christ; that affirms what we believe: we believe that there is one living God, who is the creator, owner and maintainer of the whole universe. Our God is accessible and personal; He is trustworthy and good (in him there is no darkness at all); He is loving and compassionate, merciful and just (not wanting one life to be lost – 2 Peter 3:9); He is all powerful and is sovereign over all the earth. The question that will arise in many people’s hearts and minds is if that is true why has God allowed this virus outbreak? If he is all loving, all powerful, is against all evil and suffering, and can thus act to stop this crisis, why are we where we are at now?

Read the rest of the article by Sheryl Haw here. 

Devotional for Holy Week

The Holy Week in Lockdown, by the World Evangelical Alliance

Reading Recommendations


How can we serve our local churches and surrounding churches in our location? One of the best ways is to help them be informed, share ideas to help their members through this crisis, share easy to read and act on actions, suggestions to serve and ways to help mitigate the spread.


Resources for Children

Worksheet for Kids, by MindheartCo

Training and Learning 

RedR is offering free online Training that speaks to the Coronavirus Crisis in multiple languages. Click here for more. 

Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities (JLI) and Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University Joint Platform on Faith and COVID-19, sign up for daily emails to keep in the loop of best policies and practices.

Learn from the WEA/Micah Global Justice and Resilience Webinars with David Boan. Click here for more.  

Crisis Response International Training Course. Click here for more.

Health Institutions

Responding to COVID19 in resource limited settings like India by Santosh Mathew

For women in abusive domestic situations

For many, being isolated at home during this crisis increases risk of abuse. 

Working from Home and Domestic Abuse - Restored

Women's Safety in a time of Quarantine - Power to Persuade


Prayer with the Micah Global community. Click here for the latest Prayer Ignite.

A Prayer for Deliverance by 24/7 Prayer - Click here to download

INcontext Prayer Guide - Click here to download

Community Support Preparation

Sheryl Haw has found the following steps helpful in her community in the UK:

  1. Set up a community support group.
  2. Set up a community information sharing process (door-to-door flyers, notice board email, WhatsApp, etc).
  3. Map who is in your community:  who is in the vulnerable groups, and who can offer support and help.
  4. Map what the needs are:  people who may need prescriptions, basic supplies, health information, who may be lonely and afraid. Match with those offering help.
  5. Consider looking at community initiatives to help one another. For example, are their small business that are collapsing, are their parents who need to work and have nowhere to leave their kids (as schools are closing)? Brainstorm how to help each case as it arises.
  6. If anyone has the virus and is under quarantine – find ways to let them know they are being thought of, prayed for and cared for. Mitigate against fear and stigma.
  7. Look at how to reduce unnecessary shopping trips for everyone – explore doing a wholesale purchase of key items that the neighbourhood may need.
  8. Think about how you can bless another community.
  9. Think about those who are working in essential services (health workers, utility providers, cleaners etc) – think about into how to lessen their burden (maybe help with their shopping, care for their kids).
  10. Be aware of those who are already on the margins and may need extra support: homeless, refugees, those who are losing their jobs…
  11. Work out how to keep people connected virtually.
  12. Help your pastor to have teaching and inspirational messages recorded and shared, video links etc.

In a recent meeting of the Integral Alliance Members sharing focused on:

  1. Enabling work continuity
  2. Working from home of a majority of staff
  3. Keeping constituents well informed
  4. Supporting partners in their best practice approach
  5. Sharing and learning from one another so as to proactively address issues as they arise
  6. Events: recommending to all that events planned between now and the next 3 months should be postponed.


Our global interconnected world means that it is likely that every country will be exposed to this virus. Therefore, the best possible response we can have together is to reduce transmission so as to limit exposure, infection and impact.

Though for a majority of people who will get infected, the disease will have signs and symptoms of a cold / flu and you will recover within 7-10 days, for others it is life threatening.  In order to give everyone the best chance possible to get through this pandemic, we need to:

  1. Reduce the rate of infection so as to ensure our health care systems can cope with those who need hospital care. This means care on how we socially interact, handwashing, consideration of those who are vulnerable, social distancing where possible.
  2. Care for one another through supporting those who may be vulnerable and need in our communities, responsible stocking of essential supplies (It has been shameful to see the run on shops in the UK – revealing a truly dark self-centredness that breaks our hearts). We need to show the opposite spirit.
  3. Adjust to the next 2-3 months of change and disruption seeing the opportunities to be a blessing and as support to all.
  4. Reflect online together how to proactively address the short, medium and long-term impact of all aspects of life and work.

Micah will be looking to host and facilitate some such discussions.

Connecting Online

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