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Integral announces New Board Chair

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14 May 2019

Integral is pleased to announce that Ian McInnes has been unanimously appointed by the Integral Board to be their new Chairperson, with immediate effect. Ian is Chief Executive of Tearfund New Zealand, a founding Integral Member. 

Ian says, “It’s a delight and an honour to be elected to serve as the Integral Alliance Chair. I have particularly enjoyed the recent season of consolidation around vision and mission overseen so ably by our former Chair, Jacinta Tegman. Her servant heart and grace in leadership has been an inspiration to me. As the CEO of Tearfund New Zealand, I have found Integral to be a tremendous blessing to our organisation, as well as to me personally. The depth of friendships, trust, a common vision and yearning for the Kingdom to come in the most troubled and disaster-struck corners of our world, bind us and inspire us all.” 

He continues, “That mission, forged and shared by our 22 Member Agencies is truly remarkable. It reminds me, as I’m sure it does all of us, of our complete dependence on God, our provider, as we seek to fulfil our mandate and strengthen our commitment to each other. Our bonds allow each of us to accomplish immeasurably more together than we could ever do on our own. As Board Chair, my prayer is that the Alliance will continue to grow, to adapt to the sheer size and pace of disasters that now call on our resources. I pray we will speak God’s timeless truths in fractious and politically tumultuous times, to grow in depth of relationship and impact, serving those in greatest need around the world”. 

Integral exists to see God’s Kingdom demonstrated by uniting our Members. We champion, encourage and facilitate collaborative working across the Alliance, particularly in disasters. Current Integral Disaster Reponses are Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe (Cyclone Idai), Indonesia (Sulawesi Tsunami), Philippines (Typhoon Mangkhut), Indonesia (Lombok Earthquakes), Bangladesh (Rakhine Refugee Crisis) and Syria, Lebanon and Jordan (Refugee Crisis). 

Members adhere to Integral’s Commitments to Quality Standards which are drawn from common internationally recognised quality standards, codes, guidelines and principles committed to by Integral Members. The key standards from which they are drawn include the RCCC, CHS, People in Aid Code and Sphere standards. 

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