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Integral Responds to the Sulawesi Earthquake

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04 October 2018

Integral Alliance has launched a Disaster Response for the earthquake and tsunami that struck Sulawesi, Indonesia. Sixteen Integral Members have opted into the response,[1] with a further four Members still deciding how best to support the relief effort.

Indonesia was hit with this ‘double disaster’ of an earthquake and tsunami on the 28th September 2018.A series of earthquakes, the strongest of which was 7.4-magnitude, struck Central Sulawesi’s Donggala region. This was shortly followed by a tsunami which struck areas including Palu, the provincial capital, causing widespread death and devastation.

Up to 1.5 million people are affected, with more than 1,200 people killed and around 48,000 people reported to be displaced from their homes [Source here]. The needs are acute, and currently access is limited to the worst affected areas.

Members have agreed to deploy a Short-term Coordinator, seconded to Integral to provide vital in-country support to Integral Members and local partners. Fundraising campaigns are being launched in each Member’s HQ country, with a view to funding work across the alliance. Members and partners are combining their strengths, sharing assessment information and media resources with one another, in order to get as much assistance as possible to those most in need.   

Matthijs van Pijkeren, Project Leader Asia for Tear Netherlands says, “Already directly after the disaster local Indonesian organisations and churches have been helping the victims. Integral Alliance supports their efforts with financial assistance, technical advice and prayer. It is good to be part of such a strong network of committed organisations. We need each other’s expertise in order to get relief as soon as possible to those in most need.”

Jan Eyre, Head of Disaster Management and Programmes at Integral, says,“As the devastating impact of the Tsunami becomes clearer, Integral Members and their partners are already on the ground assessing needs and bringing urgent, lifesaving support. Our aim as Integral is to bring together resources and technical capacity from across the alliance to provide more timely and effective assistance for those affected by this crisis.”

In the initial stages of an Integral response calls are held as frequently as necessary, so that Members can provide valuable updates in the critical phase when needs are acute. Integral Members will continue to use the Integral online platform to share photos and stories, information, needs and plans with each other.

Integral’s website:

Contact: Sarah Larkin, Head of Communication and Marketing:


[1] Cedar Fund (Hong Kong), Food for the Hungry (USA), Medair (Switzerland), Medical Teams International (USA), Tear Australia, Tear Netherlands, Tearfund Belgium, Tearfund Ireland, Tearfund New Zealand, Tearfund Switzerland, Tearfund UK, Transform Aid Australia, World Concern (USA), World Relief US, World Renew (USA & Canada), ZOA (The Netherlands).