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Urban Thinkers Campuses 2019

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15 July 2019

2019 UN-Habitat Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campuses

As part of UN-Habitat’s World Urban Campaign’s faith-based initiative, Faith and the Path Towards a Better Quality of City Life, UN Habitat together with the World Evangelical Alliance, the Urban Shalom Society and a number of local partners are running a series of faith-based Urban Thinkers Campuses, aimed at encouraging faith communities to work together on the creation of cities and urban environments where all can flourish.

The faith-based UTC initiative is a great opportunity to come together with people from your own faith and meet with others from different faith perspectives who share your heart for the creation of better cities.

Faith and the Path Towards a Better Quality of City Life aims to:

  • Prepare communities of faith for active engagement at the next World Urban Forum (WUF 10) to be held in Abu Dhabi, February 7th-13th, 2020
  • Engage academics, practitioners and leaders from different faith perspectives in conversation and action towards a better quality of life in cities
  • Gather data (stories, knowledge, learning) from different faith perspectives around engagement with and transformation of the city
  • Develop cooperative strategies for faith communities to work together and with others for the development of cities where all can flourish.

UTC’s will take place in different regions in order to increase accessibility and attract an overall greater number of participants, as well as to focus on region specific issues. UTC’s will be held in:

Register your interest by clicking on the relevant location above for all the UTC’s you or your organisation would like to attend. As soon as details are secured in each location, you will be emailed with more information and a link for booking.

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