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Survey of the Sexual Practices of Youth Attending Evangelical Churches in Antigua, St. Lucia and St. Vincent

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A joint project of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean’s Caribbean Youth Network, the United Evangelical Association of Antigua and Barbuda, the Fellowship of Gospel Preaching Churches (St. Lucia), the Association of Evangelical Churches in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and UNICEF.

From the introduction

"There is general indifference among Evangelical congregations in the Caribbean to the AIDS pandemic. Congregations need to be mobilised to enable congregants to properly guard against the disease, to reduce and eventually remove stigmatisation of and discrimination against persons living with HIV (PLWH), and develop adequate mechanisms that enable Evangelical Christian youth to handle their sexuality within
an understanding of Biblical teaching, scientific accuracy and culturally appropriate methods."

Table of Contents  

Brief Summary
Basic Information
Values and Paradigms
Leisure Time
Knowledge of HIV
Sexual Practices
Condom Use
Appendix I – Survey  Data
Appendix II – Survey Instrument
Appendix II – Churches that Agreed to Participate