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Disaster Management Project

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Status: Phase 1 Complete



In 2006, representatives of Micah Network, World Evangelical Alliance and Integral Alliance met together to discuss a concept paper written by Marcus Oxley of Tearfund UK, proposing a collaborative approaching to disaster management by the 3 networks. In 2007, the executive committees of the boards of the 3 networks all endorsed the concept paper and agreed to work towards achieving it together.

Micah Network convened a South Asia working group in October 2007 to give further consideration to the concept from the perspective of Micah Network implementing agencies. This meeting discussed disaster management in the context of South Asia and identified some key issues / concerns of particularity to the region. Click hereto view the papers, which were produced by the South Asia working group. Micah Network members around the world were invited to comment on these papers and their application in their own context.

In September 2008, Micah Network convened a Strategic Conversation on Disaster Management and invited Micah Network member agencies as well as representatives from Integral Alliance and World Evangelical Alliance to participate. 35 disaster management specialists and leaders in the area of disaster management from evangelical agencies in 22 countries came together for a week-long “strategic conversation” in Bangkok to discuss improved capacity building, coordination and response in the face of disasters. Clickhere for more information on the aims and outcomes of the meeting.

In July 2009 at the Micah Network Triennial the Disaster Management Task Force met in Limuru, Kenya to discuss how to move forward. The members of the Task Force were:

  • Kurkura Waffo, Kale Heywet Church Ethiopia
  • Willy Nkamuhebwa, Agency for Integrated Development and Training Services (AIDTS)
  • Roshan Mendis, LEADS Sri Lanka
  • Dino L. Touthang, EFICOR India
  • Hilda Romero de Bojórquez, Associacion A-Brazo, El Salvador
  • Nigel Timmins, Tearfund UK
  • Jaap Boersma, Tear Netherlands
  • Paul Rebman, World Relief US

During the meeting in Kenya, the Task Force developed a 5 year Strategic Plan to help build capacity of local communities, including the Christian community to respond more effectively to disasters. Priority will be given to the most disaster prone countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Micah Network secured initial funding for the commencement of this plan:

  1. build capacity of Micah Network members and church leaders in disaster prone countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, in theology and practice of disasters
  2. support Micah Network members and church leaders to advocate for policies to reduce disasters and improve the post disaster response and recovery at international and national levels
  3. promote and support effective learning, good practice and quality standards in disaster management.

In September 2010 a Disaster Management Consultant was requested to carry out Phase One of the strategic plan, which was completed in December 2010.