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Global Consultation September 2012

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Status: Pre Consultation

The overall theme of the Consultation is: Integral Mission and the Community: local church, local change, global impact.

In June 2011 we held a Review of the Micah Declaration and the findings indicated that:

  • Intellectual assent to the concept of integral mission had grown considerably
  • Evidence of practical grass root impact was limited – why and how do we address this?

The title of the Consultation thus reflects our desire to see how we can strengthen grass root impact and we believe at the heart of this is engagement in our communities; missional churches responding and grasping their role and responsibility at local, national and global levels.

The theme of the Consultation seeks to approach integral mission through the following:

1.  Priesthood of all believers – missional lifestyle

- Impacts all types of communities we are engaged in

- Challenges the role of the local church in its discipling and equipping functio

- Unites us in a common goal

2. What will our community look like when God reigns?

- Importance of understanding Kingdom values and the character of God

- Importance of asking the question of what does transformation look like?

- Challenges us to learn how we can together move towards this.

3. Local church

- If we agree that the local church is the catalyst and instrument God has chosen to demonstrate his love, how does this alter our way of working in relief, rehabilitation, development, environmental care and justice ministries.

- How does change in the local church influence national, regional and global agendas?


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