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Review of Micah Declaration on Integral Mission

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Status: Consultation Phase: Month 3



In September 2001, 140 leaders of Christian organisations involved with the poor from 50 countries met in Oxford to listen to God and each other for mutual learning, encouragement and strengthening as they served the cause of the kingdom of God amongst the poor.

This group drew up a declaration entitled the Micah Declaration on Integral Mission, which was to act as a guide and rallying call to motivate and mobilise Christians to engage in an integrated and holistic response. The wording of the Declaration were chosen with care and deliberation to endeavour to not only capture the distinct activities of proclamation and social involvement, but to demonstrate how important it is to see that they are integrated and necessary components of mission.

10 years on and we have seen how important this Declaration has been to challenging and mobilising Christians to integral mission. During these 10 years we have learnt much and understood that clarification and inclusion of core topics may be required.

2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of the Micah Declaration on Integral Mission and we thus felt it was timely to launch a review, consulting with members and a wider theological / practitioners group to discern whether we need to draft a new document or add an expansion or….?

The review commenced in February 2011 and involves the following groups:

1.      Open Invitation given out in our newsletter and member journal for people to send in their thoughts via e-mail to be shared.

2.      Monthly Discussions: includes theologian-practitioners who will engage in the discussions rigorously from February through to June, via e-mail and skype. Not all these participants will be able to make the June meeting but wanted to engage fully in the discussions leading up to. This is open to people who are invited to the June Review meeting and to any member who requests to participate.

3.      Face to face Meeting in June – Invitation only: those theologian-practitioners who will attend the meeting in June and present papers and engage in the required discussions to help draft a document.

Collation of input for sharing is undertaken at all levels by our review facilitator, Les Fussell. Each month the responses are e-mailed to all involved and a summary posted on the web site.

A forum has been set up to capture feedback.

Feedback can also be sent to Les Fussell:

Review Meeting: 23rd to 24th June 2011

This will be held at the Wycliffe Centre, Horsleys Green, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP14 3XL, United Kingdom

To follow the feedback and discussion to date see Summary 5th April 2011 attached.