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Micah Network initiates projects when the membership raises and identifies specific needs or concerns that require our corporate attention. We can develop our thoughts and approaches by:

  • A strategic conversation: to gather our collective reflections, experience and learning. The outcome of the conversation may lead to the set up of a task force that is commissioned to research and develop resources for the network.
  • A review and consultation: to collate current learning and approaches, filter and select best practice to make accessible to the networt.
  • Development of orientation and training material so as to enhance member’s capacity.
  • Facilitation of workshops and training of trainer’s initiatives so as to roll out good practice initiatives.
  • Establish and link up to campaigns that promote and influence for transformational development, for example the Micah Challenge campaign.

All activities are guided through a Terms of Reference and Project Proposal.

Monitoring and reporting on progress will be made accessible here and members are encouraged to submit their feedback and take discussions further through the relevant forums, events and communication platforms hosted by Micah Network.

Current projects are reported below:

Global Consultation September 2012

Status: Pre Consultation

The overall theme of the Consultation is: Integral Mission and the Community: local church, local change, global impact. In June 2011 we held a Review of the Micah Declaration and the findings indicated that:… mais

Disaster Management Project

Status: Phase 1 Complete


Background In 2006, representatives of Micah Network, World Evangelical Alliance and Integral Alliance met together to discuss a concept paper written by Marcus Oxley of Tearfund U… mais

Review of Micah Declaration on Integral Mission

Status: Consultation Phase: Month 3


Background In September 2001, 140 leaders of Christian organisations involved with the poor from 50 countries met in Oxford to listen to God and each other for mutual learning, encouragement and strengthening as they served the cause of the kingdom… mais