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Reduction of Law-related Harm: A Biblical Affirmation of HIV Prevention, by Greg Manning

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Developing a Biblical foundation for preventing the spread of HIV demands much more than identifying risk behaviours and demanding that people at risk of infection abstain from 'immoral' behaviour.  It demands an understanding of the greater context of infection as well.  The Bible can inform our response to this context as well as to individuals. 

The rapid spread of HIV among injecting drug users in the world raises the question of how we can apply the biblical  theme of 'the reduction of law-related harm' to the prevention of HIV.

In this paper, Greg Manning puts forward three affirmations, which are contemporary reflections of the Gospel. 

  • We can affirm a commitment to life over a commitment to law. 
  • We can affirm all change that is life-giving. 
  • We can fulfill the law.