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Carmen Ngan

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Portuguese Translator


Carmen Ngan was born in Brazil but has been living in the United States since December 1974. She had a 46-year career, part of it as a secretary and then as an English teacher in Brazil, and, from 1975 on, as a grants coordinator, publications coordinator and business control manager at three diverse corporations in the United States (Corporation for Public Broadcasting, CAP Gemini America and Freddie Mac), before retiring in 2007. In June 2009, shortly after finishing a translation course, she offered Micah Network her services as a volunteer translator and enjoys translating the monthly newsletter and other materials into Brazilian Portuguese.

Carmen considers herself profoundly blessed and has felt His strong presence in her life at many crucial times. Her work with the Network provides her the opportunity to partner with Tati, and she treasures this new relationship and enjoys involving herself in this completely new activity.

She also treasures the time she spends at a seniors´ recovery and living facilities, where she helps the activities coordinator several hours a week and knitting blankets and clothes for needy babies.

Carmen and Yimin, whom she married in 1975, are proud of their adult daughter Melissa-a wife, flute teacher, performer and executive director of the two chamber music ensembles she founded, one of which is a nonprofit that takes classical music to new audiences and new venues.