Read about Micah Challenge

Micah Challenge is a global coalition of Christians holding governments to account for their promise to halve extreme poverty by 2015. The coalition forms a movement to encourage deeper Christian commitment to the poor, and to speak out to leaders to act with justice.

Mission: is to be a global voice on poverty for Christians, encouraging them to learn about the issues, find ways to reach out and help the poor, and to fight for justice.


In 2005 while deliberating on how to effectively implement aim three (Prophetically call upon and influence the leaders and decision-makers of societies to “maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed and rescue the weak and needy”) Micah Network entered into a strategic partnership with the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) in order to establish a global campaign to mobilise Christians against poverty.

The goals of the campaign were twofold:

  • To deepen Christian commitment to the poor
  • To together influence leaders to implement policy changes and to act so as to dramatically and sustainably reduce poverty. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were seen as a good framework to work with globally, as these had already been endorsed and committed to by governments.

This global campaign would be directed by an international secretariat who would be tasked with not only establishing a global campaign but also with the orchestration of national campaigns that would focus on the contextual needs of that country. The name Micah Challenge was given, as the campaign would focus on the challenge of raising awareness and response for Christians to poverty as well as challenge leaders to too effect good change. Oversight and governance of Micah Challenge is given jointly by Micah Network and WEA, who sit on the Micah Challenge board.

*Millennium Development Goals, a universally agreed roadmap towards the halving of key poverty indicators by 2015