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ReadMelba MaggayPolitics and the Poor, , , , November 2021readadvocacy church democracy politics poverty
ReadTearfundTearfund Advocacy Toolkit, , , , , November 2021readadvovacy compassion honesty injustice raise-your-voice truth
ReadF.Paul (with a text of W.Horst)Mission without Conquest, , November 2021readclassic-christian-movement misionary peace-church
ReadJoseph Nyamutera and Beatrice WarueFactors Influencing Sustainability, , November 2021readdevelopment-projects influence sustainability
ReadCommon Good – Sikunye teamWhy Young Children Matter, , , August 2021readchildren early-life start-to-life what-matters
ReadStephen Watters and Johannes MerzExploring language and human flourishing, , , July 2021readebooks exploring human-flourishing language-development
ReadThe Warehouse trustThe Living Wage, July 2021readjust-compensation living-wage
ReadAccessible Hope InternationalFlourishing in Burundi, , July 2020readabuse-and-suffering light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel sewing-skills
ReadUnited Mission to NepalBuild Back Better, , , , July 2020readfamily-members food-stores nepal shelter water-supplies
ReadSIL InternationalLearning Leadership, , , , July 2020readagents-of-positive-change community social-leadership training-programs youth
ReadThe WarehouseHunger Relief in Lock down, , July 2020readhunger lockdown relief
ReadThe WarehouseHope in Action, , , July 2020readchurch-response covid hope lockdown
ReadMicah Global secretariatM.Phatics Guidelines, , , 2021/07readcontent m-phatics-guidelines purpose talk
ReadAbundant Africa, , , , 2021/07readabundance africa future hope kairos
ReadFr. Singini I. Nacidze, OMICONSULTATIVE MEETING ON DEBT SUSTAINABILITY, , , 2021/07readcall-to-action consultative poverty zambia
ReadSteve de GruchyAn Olive Agenda, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 2021/07readclimate earth environment family food health hunger labour land nutrition olive political-discourse poverty power time violence
Read Micah BoardMicah Global–Board and Trustees, , 2021/06readconstitution micah-board trustees
ReadKushamiriKushamiri Intro Flyer English, 2021/06readflyer kushamiri
ReadTearFundLive Justly Session 5, 2021/06readlive-justly session-5
ReadKushamiriKushamiri Contribution Guidelines, 2021/06readguidelines kushamiri
ReadDaniel Hillion – SEL FranceDoes Integral Mission include everything that God requires of us and does God require of us everything included in Integral Mission?, , , 2021/05readcovid19 leadership pastoral-care pastors
ReadDr. Rev. Joseph Nyamutera and Rev. Suzi HarriffPastor Covid 19, , , 2021/02readcovid19 leadership pastoral-care pastors
ReadTearfundClimate Church Talk, , , , 2021/02readclimate-change climate-justice climate-theology creation-care tearfund
ReadTearfundBlack Lives Matter, , , 2021/02readact-for-social-justice black-lives-matter learn pray
ReadBuhle MpofuMission on the margins, , , 2020/12readchurch covid-19 exploitation poor
ReadMicah GlobalMicah Project Proposal and Reporting Templates, 2020/12readproject-proposal reporting-templates
ReadLausanne Movement and BAM GlobalWEALTH CREATION AND THE STEWARDSHIP OF CREATION, , , , , , 2017/03readbiblical-foundations culture justice poverty stewardship wealth-creation wealth-creators
ReadJohn Beckett, Anthony Sell, Seed InitiativesReimagining New Redemptive Ways, , , 2020/12readdisruption economic political-or-systems-change social
ReadCornelia ReimerPeace Education starts with the Young Generation, , 2020/10readculture peacebuilding-practices transform
ReadJoel MBONGI KUVUNA Building a Human Rights Culture in the Context of Child Soldiering, , 2015/06readchild-soldiering drc mineral-resources
ReadNiels Patrick C. RiconallaFIGHTING CORRUPTION IN THE PHILIPPINES, 2020/12readcorruption philippines
ReadTearfundFootsteps communicable diseases, , , , 2020/12readcommunicable-diseases covid-19 ebola hiv malaria
ReadWorld VisionUnmasking the Impact of COVID-19 on Asia’s Most Vulnerable Children – report, , , , , 2020/12readasia children covid-19-impact health-crisis loss-of-livelihood unemployment
ReadWorld VisionFaith Actors in the COVID-19 Response, , , 2020/08readcommunities faith-actors families vulnerable-children
ReadWorld VisionDo No Harm for Faith Groups, , , , 2020/12readconflict-sensitive faith faith-leaders harm training-tool
ReadWorld VisionUnmasking the Impact of COVID-19 on Asia’s Most Vulnerable Children – graphic, , 2020/12readcovid-19-impact loss-of-livelihood unemployment
ReadWorld VisionInterfaith Partnership in Emergency & Development Programming, , , , 2020/12readcollaboration interfaith-dialogue mindanao-peacebuilding-programme non-profit-entity social-cohesion
ReadWorld VisionOut of time COVID-19 Aftershocks, , , 2020/12readbegging child-marriage lost-incomes vulnerable-families
ReadWorld VisionEnding violence against children, , , 2020/12readchannels-of-hope child-protection longitudinal-study support
ReadRuth Edith Lundie, Deborah Merle HancoxThe local church and the first thousand days of a child’s life, , , , , 2020/08/05readchildren faith-based first-1000-days leaders local-church research
ReadWorld VisionGuidance for Faith Communities, , , , , 2020/12readbehaviour communities covid-19 faith-leaders pastoral spiritual
ReadWorld VisionCOVID-19 AFTERSHOCKS, , , , 2020/12readchildren covid-19 infection secondary-impacts threats
ReadWorld VisionChannels of Hope, , , 2020/12readfaith-leaders interactive-process science-based vulnerable
ReadWorld VisionA perfect storm – aftershocks, , , 2020/12readchildren covid-19 illness vulnerable
ReadUNICEFWORLD CHILDREN’S DAY 2020 TOOLKIT, 2020/12readunicef worldchildrensday
ReadDeborah HancoxTowards defining the Christian development organization, , , , 2020/11readchristian-development-organisation faith-based-organisation mission religion-and-development theology-and-development
ReadHumanitarian Disaster InstituteFacing Loss during COVID-19, , , , 2020/11readcare connect covid-19 empower loss
ReadWorld Health OrganisationPractical considerations and recommendations for religious leaders, , 2020/04readpractical-considerations recommendations who
ReadEficorWork, Job or Vocation, , 2020readdrishtikone job-vocation work
ReadMicah GlobalINTEGRAL MISSION AND RESILIENT COMMUNITIES, September 2018readintegral-mission resilient-communities
Read E. (Betty) LangelerConsultation to Assess possibilities and appreciation for CCM, November 2016readccm consultation
Read Micah GlobalMicah Network Declaration on Integral Mission, , , 27 September 2001readcoalition declaration integral-mission network
ReadUsiel SouzaHow do you read it, , , August 2020readbible brazilian evangelical-christians interpretation
ReadThe WarehouseNEW HOPE IN THE CHURCH, , July 2020readcommunity refuge st-peters
ReadBjörn CedersjöProtect the Earth that God Loves, 2015readintegral-mission unseen
Read#endCovidforallEfca Churches – end Covid for all, , , 2020/07readchurch-response covid-19 guidelines toolkit
ReadSeason of creation, , , , 2020readcommunity creation ecology economy political
ReadDr. Jeff and wife Annette Hammond SPRITUAL CARE TEAMS IN A COVID-19 ENVIRONMENT, , , 2020/06readcare coronavirus covid spiritual
ReadT. Cofré y Eliab BautistaA la Sombra de Elyon, 2020/06readcoronavirus covid
ReadT. Cofré and Eliab BautistaIn the Shadow of Elyon, 2020/06readcoronavirus covid
ReadAccessible Hope InternationalPreventing the Spread of Sickness, , , readcovid-19 health prevention wash
ReadPUNTOS DE REFLEXIÓN bajo el coronavirusreadcovid-19
Read (EFI, India)How churches can respond to migrant and daily wage labourers during Covid-19 lockdown, , , , readchurch-response covid-19 fairness migrant relief
ReadThe math behind social distancing, readcovid-19 infection-rates
ReadCoronavirus and prevention measures – India, , , , readcovid-19 hands symptoms virus wash
ReadProselytism, readdevelopment proselytism
ReadSouth African Council of Churches (SACC)SACC Local Ecumenical Action Network, , , readcovid-19 lean local-church sacc
ReadMartin KapendaThe Church, COVID 19 and Integral Mission, , 2013/01/15readchurch covid-19 integral-mission
Read#SOCIALAUDITS4SERVICESShared taps and toilet sanitation – Chichewa, , 2020/05/04readcovid-19 guidance sanitation
Read#SOCIALAUDITS4SERVICESShared taps and toilet sanitation – Portugues, , 2020/05/04readcovid-19 guidance sanitation
ReadAsh BarkerUrban Shalom and Discipleship, , , , , , readcities density discipleship disparity diversity micah-month urban-shalom
ReadEficorClimate Action is our Mandate, , , , , , , , readapathy climate-change creation micah-month pollution poverty response stewardship weather
ReadHow am I impacting relationships?, , , , , , , , , readabuse children gbv gender girls injustice micah-month realtionships violence women
ReadChallenging Injustice in Society, , , , , readchallenge injustice micah-month ministry prophetic society
ReadPODER DE JESÚS, , , , readbiblico eclesiastica ecumenicos jesus poder
ReadDevotion – Living a more just life final, , , readdevotion just-life living micah-month
ReadProposed statement of belief related to gender, , readbelief gender statement
ReadPrinciples of Ethical Evangelisation, , readethics evangelism principles
ReadPrevention: the successes and the challenges, , , , , , readchallenges drugs hiv infants mothers prevention sex-workers
ReadPoverty wealth and responsibility in Mission, , , readmission poverty responsibility wealth
ReadOur Voices Raised, , , readextreme-poverty grace justice prayer
ReadDisciple Making Requires Listening, , readdisciple-making listening wea
ReadREOPENING THE CHURCH, readchurch re-opening
ReadJim Harries Covid research listings, readcovid-19 research-listings
ReadSalvation ArmyYouth and Internet Safety During COVID-19, , , 2020/05/01readcovid-19 internet safety youth
ReadEva Marie F. FamadorResilience in the Pursuit of Justice: Practices and Reflections, , , readjustice practice reflections resilience
ReadRay of hopereadhope
ReadGod’s Preference for the Poor: the Bible and Social Justice in Ireland, readpoor preference
ReadFrom Slum Learning Networks to Urban Institutes, , , 2018/09/15readlearning networks slums urban-institutes
ReadIntegral Mission Reading List: A Guide to Books, Articles, Journals and Websites, , , , readarticles books integral-mission reading websites
ReadIntegral Mission Lesson Series, 2018/09readintegral-mission lesson-series
ReadIntegral Mission Africa: The Zambian Context, , 2004/09/20readcontext integral-mission zambia
ReadIntegral Mission Todayreadintegral-mission
ReadIntegral Mission, Relief And Development, , readdevelopment integral-mission relief
ReadIntegral Mission in the Ministry of Jesus: Luke 7:36-50 and 19:1-10, , , readintegral-mission jesus luke ministry
ReadIntegral Mission in South Asia’s context, readintegral-mission south-asia
ReadThe State of God’s World: Globalization and the Future of Integral Mission, , readfuture globalization gods-world
ReadIntegral mission in Bonhoeffer, , 2015readevangelical-association integral-mission malawi
ReadIntegral Mission in a World of Violence, readintegral-mission violence
ReadIntegral mission in a World of Conflict and Oppression, , 2017/03readconflict integral-mission oppression
ReadIntegral Mission, Humility and Lifestyle, , readhumility integral-mission lifestyle
ReadIntegral mission and shalom: Scriptural reflection and case study towards an operational model, , 2015readintegral-mission reflection scripture
ReadIntegral Mission and its Historical Development, readhistorical-development integral-mission
ReadINTEGRAL MISSION AND VIOLENT CONFLICT, 2006readintegral-mission violent-conflict
ReadA Prayer for Clarity: Advocacy and Integral Mission, readclarity prayer
ReadMelba MaggayIntegral Mission: Attending to the Unseen, 2013/01/15readintegral-mission unseen
Read‘As the Father has Sent Me’: Integral Mission and the Church, readchurch mission
ReadMOBLISING THE CHURCH FOR CARE-GIVING, , , 2018/09/01readcare-giving church community mobilisation
ReadNATIONAL CONSULTATION ON HIV & AIDS CHALLENGES, , , readaids challenge consultation hiv
ReadCall for inclusion of people with intellectual disability, , 2007/10/03readinclusion-of-people intellectual-disability society
ReadViolence Against Women – In Churches Too, , 2015/09/14readchurches violence women
ReadCase Study: Timothy Gaikwad – IMCARES Caring For Care Providers, 2005readcare-providers caring
ReadDemocratic Governance Process: A Conceptual Model, readconceptual-model democratic-governance
ReadIntegral Mission – Re-founding Our Calling on the Biblical Jesus Christ, Lord of the Sabbath, readcalling integral-mission
ReadIF MEN WERE WOMEN: CHRISTIAN REFLECTIONS ON GENDER IN THE HIV AND AIDS CRISIS, , , , 2008/10/01readdiscrimination gender hiv stigmatization women-silenced
ReadDeeper understanding for more resilience, 2018/09/01readresilience understanding
ReadFrom disasters to resilience, 2018/09/01readdisasters resilience
ReadCrecimiento Evangélico y el reto de la Transformación Integral de la iglesia, , 2015readevangelism integral-mission transformation
ReadAction Plan on Child Protection: Guiding our leaders and Guarding our childrenreadchildren
ReadCONNECTING CHURCHES WORLDWIDE MEANINGFULLY TO COMMUNITY NEEDS, , readcommunity integral-mission partnerships
ReadConfusing Asiku: how mission and development intervention in international languages works to bypass the minds of beneficiaries, , 2015readdevelopment language mission
ReadCase Study – Conflict and Relief: the Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau, 2001readintegral-mission war
ReadConclusions: Principles and Actions to Develop Gender Policies2010readgender
ReadConclusiones: Principios y Acciones para la Construcción de Políticas de Género2010readgender
ReadFaith Matters – the contribution of faith to health and healthcare in the post 2015 agenda, 2015readfaith health
ReadCLIMATE CHANGE THEOLOGY, 2008readclimate-change theology
ReadCase study- partnership experience of Vision TERUDO, , 2005readintegral-mission partnerships poverty
ReadChurch Planting in Urban Slums: A Case Study with Living Bread Ministries, , , , 2013readchurch-planting discipleship integral-mission poverty urban-shalom
ReadThe Shining Light Project, Cambodia, 2009readintegral-mission poverty
ReadChurch-Based Rural Development: RDIS, Rwanda, 2001readdevelopment integral-mission
ReadThe Church and Community holistic ministry, , 2006readcommunity development transformation
ReadCHURCH AND COMMUNITY, 2006readcommunity kingdom
ReadChristians can be change agents2012readchange-agents
ReadChristian Witness in a Multi-Religious World, , 2011readevangelism mission theology
ReadChristian Wholistic Development, , 2002readdevelopment integral-mission theology
ReadA Case Study on Christian Political Engagement, 2011readgovernance politics
ReadDiscussion on “Proclamation”, 2011readdevelopment justice
ReadBoys and Girls in God’s Purpose: INPUT TO A BIBLE-THEOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK ON CHILDHOOD, 2004readchildren theology
ReadConfundiendo a Asiku: Cómo la Intervención y Desarrollo en Lenguas Internacionales Llevan a la Evasión de las Mentes de los Beneficiarios, 2015readdevelopment mission
ReadCivic Driven Change ~ Spirituality, Religion and Faith, , , 2008readchange development faith social-justice
ReadCase Study – Aid for AIDS and Design for the Family2002readhiv-aids
ReadCase Study: A successful partnership with the Christian Community on Early Intervention for Children with special needs in Malaysia, , 2007readchildren disability special-needs
ReadA Case Study from World Concern Thailand2002readhiv-aids
ReadCase Study – The ECAP Project2002readhiv-aids
ReadCase Study: Project IMPACT2006readhiv-aids
ReadCase Study: HIV Story and Prayer Requestsreadhiv-aids
ReadCase Study – Project HALO strengthening community coping mechanisms, , 2002readhiv-aids integral-mission poverty
ReadA Brief Profile of Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) HIV/AIDS Programmes2002readhiv-aids
ReadCase Study – Aid for AIDS and Design for the Family2002readhiv-aids
ReadCase Study – HIV/AIDS Christian Response in Zambia2002readhiv-aids
ReadCare of the Poor in Disasters: Case Study, , 2011/11readcompassion integral-mission poverty
ReadCapacity Building, Disaster Management and Integral Mission, , 2007/01/15readcapacity-building disaster integral-mission
ReadCampaigning for Macro-Policy Change: Jubilee 20002001readadvocacy
ReadCall to the Church to Respond to the Marginalised2007readintegral-mission
ReadBridging the Gap: Integral Mission with the Poor, 2001readintegral-mission poverty
ReadBiblical Understandings of Children and Childhood: Resources for the Church and Mission Today, , 2011/03readchildren mission theology
ReadTHE CHURCH BREAKING THE SILENCE2006readsexual-violence
ReadBasic Introduction to Integral Missionreadintegral-mission
ReadA Triage Model of Emergency Aid for a Warming World, , , , 2011/03/28readaid climate-change disaster environment integral-mission
ReadArt and God’s Mission: Connecting art and local-church worship to poverty and injustice, , , , , 2006readarts injustice mission poverty violence worship
ReadCONFERENCE ON CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP AND INTEGRAL MISSION: Social change or holistic transformation?, 2009readintegral-mission social-justice
ReadAnd by His wounds I am healed…, 2002readhiv-aids integral-mission
ReadAccompaniment – in the argentinian Chaco – an alternative missionary practice case study2015readmission
ReadProgredindo de visão para a prática: tornando “Abundância de vida” em pratica, , 2015readabundant-life poverty shalom
ReadAprendiendo del liderazgo de Abraham, 2008readintegral-mission social-justice
ReadA sling and five pebbles: The fight against AIDS in Africa2004readhiv-aids
ReadA Journey from Dependency to Entrepreneurship: The Case of Mission Ministries Philippines, Inc. Preschool Ministryreadentrepreneurship
ReadResources for Micah Month – 2017, , 2017readintegral-mission micah-global micah-month
ReadA Biblical Basis for Social Justice, 2012readsocial-justice theology
ReadChurches Living with HIV2008readhiv-aids
ReadDeepening Christian engagement with marginal communities2008readintegral-mission
ReadTen theological theses on Mission and Development, , 2004/09readdevelopment mission theology
ReadRoles of Churches in a World Living with HIV/AIDS2008readhiv-aids
ReadHonduras – Historic Agreement, 2014/10/09readcorruption poverty
ReadPresent and future challenges – The scale, impact and need for new approaches in the global HIV epidemic, 2002/09readhiv-aids integral-mission
ReadHIV/AIDS and the Church: What Does the Lord Require of us?2005/07/08readhiv-aids
ReadHIV/AIDS, the Biblical Mandate and Social Action, 2007readhiv-aids social-justice
ReadChurch and Community Mobilisation (CCM) Experiences in Nigeria, , 2012readcommunities integral-mission transformation
ReadHIV – A Call to Action, readhiv-aids integral-mission
ReadGlobal Program Advocacy Grants: What Do They Tell Us About Evaluating Advocacy?, 2000/10readadvocacy grants
ReadIndia Health Millennium Development Goals Status & Issues, 2004readhealth millenium-development-goals
ReadRecovery, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Women and their Children Who Survived Gender-Based Violence2007readgender-based-violence-gbv
ReadGrace, Faith and Good Works, , , 2014/05/07readfaith good-works grace theology
ReadGod’s Kingdom and the transformation of society, , 2012readpolitics theology transformation
ReadGod’s Eternal Purpose and Integral Mission, , 2015readintegral-mission purpose theology
ReadGod’s Community2012/08readcommunity
ReadDeveloping Transformational Relationships2006readtransformation
ReadHIV/AIDS CARE and SUPPORT PROGRAMMES – And ORPHAN CARE, , 2002/09readhiv-aids integral-mission orphans
ReadGlobal issues and Christian perspective on justice, peace and human development, , 2004/06/04readhuman-development justice peace
ReadMicah Network Global Consultation on HIV and AIDS – Churches Living with HIV2008readhiv-aids
ReadGlobal Conflict2006readglobal-conflict
ReadGlobal Call to Action – Stand with Us, 2013/05/18readcorruption justice
ReadReport: Survey of the Sexual Practices of Youth Attending Evangelical Churches in Antigua, St. Lucia and St. Vincent, 2009readhiv-aids sex-education
ReadGender, HIV and AIDS and the role of the church in Africa, , 2007readgender gender-inequality hiv-aids
ReadGender, Equality and the Scriptures, , , 2009readgender-based-violence-gbv gender-inequality sexual-violence theology
ReadViolencia, género y generaciones, 2012/09readgender-based-violence-gbv sexual-violence
ReadGender Based Sexual Violence: Churches Response in Eastern DRC, 2012/09readgender-based-violence-gbv sexual-violence
ReadGender and Integral Mission, 2009/07readgender integral-mission
ReadGender Inequality in the Church, readgender-based-violence-gbv gender-inequality
ReadHIV and local churches: Is funding always good and how can it be done better?, readfunding hiv-aids
ReadMoving from vision to practice: making Fullness of Life practical, , 2015readfullness-of-life poverty shalom
ReadInter-Community Reconciliation Project, 2015/09readcommunity reconciliation
ReadHow Loving Families Usher in Shalom for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, , , 2015readadoption family fostering-children orphans
ReadFirst Man Standing – Men and Sexual Violence2014/07/18readsexual-violence
ReadFinding Frames Report – Engaging in Global Poverty2012/01/19readpoverty
ReadMicah Network Gender Forum2009/09/26readgender
ReadAsociación con organizaciones confesionales Marco estratégico del ONUSIDA, 2009/12readfbo-framework hiv-aids
ReadPartenariat entre l’ONUSIDA et les organisations confessionnelles – Cadre stratégique, 2009/12readfbo-framework hiv-aids
ReadFaith-based groups and governments join forces to end new HIV infections in children2013/04/08readhiv-aids
ReadFaith Leaders’ Declaration on Domestic Abuse, 2015/07/15readdomestic-abuse sexual-violence
ReadFaith in Action: Examining the Role of Faith-Based Organizations in Addressing HIV/AIDS, 2004readfaith hiv-aids
ReadFactors of Strength in Front of Mistreatment and Sexual Violence, 2006readsex-education sexual-violence
ReadTheology for a just and sustainable economy – Spanish version – Peru 2015, , , 2015readeconomy justice sustainability theology
ReadChurch and Community Mobilisation to Build Resilient Communities in SE Asia, , 2018/09/01readchurch community mobilisation
ReadFrom compassion to action. From panic to Resilience to New Poverty, , 2018/09/01readaction compassion resilience
ReadRighteousness, suffering and participation in Philippians 3:7-11: Integral mission and Paul’s gospel, , , , 2018/09/10readparticipation pauls-gospel philippians righteousness suffering
ReadThe Importance of Integrating Mental Health in Effective Development2018/09/01readintegrating-mental-health
ReadRestoring Resilience – Re-imagining the dream, 2018/07/01readresilience restoring
ReadA Mission-Conducive Eschatology –Reading Revelation within its Context, 2018/09/01readeschatology mission
ReadResilience and Hope and Stigmatisation of AIDS Victims, , readhope resilience stigmatisation
ReadAddressing Gender and Leadership Gaps in Development-Oriented Organizations, , readdevelopment gender leadership
ReadBeauty, The Arts and Church Planting as an Act of Creating Beauty, 2018/09/01readbeauty-and-arts church-planting
ReadBiblical Teaching on Social Justice, readbiblical-teaching social-justice
ReadBuilding Resilience with local Churches and Communities, , 2018/07/01readchurch community resilience
ReadDangerous Resilience? The Institutional Church and its Systemic Resistance to Change, , , , 2018/09/01readchange church institutional resilience systemic-resistance
ReadDeeper Understanding for More Resilience in the Work for Peace and Justice, , 2018/09/01readpeace-and-justice resilience understanding
ReadEngaging Theological Minds: UMN, , 2018/07/27readengaging minds theological
ReadMaking Micah Cameroon more Sustainable, readcameroon sustainable
ReadIntegral Mission – the Journey to Hope and Healing, , readhealing hope integral-mission
ReadMissionary Resilience, readmission resilience
ReadOvercoming Security Issues in Pakistan – A Ministry, 2018/07/12readpakistan security-issues
ReadPost-typhoon Morakot, , , 2018/09/01readdisaster indigenous-communities recovery typhoon-morakot
Read#SOCIALAUDITS4SERVICESShared taps and toilet sanitation – English, , 2020/05/04readcovid-19 guidance sanitation
ReadRecovery from the aftermath of Typhoon Pablo (Bopha), , readbopha recovery typhoon-pablo
ReadRenew Our World Stories of Change: Stories from the global campaign, , , 2018/09/01readenvironment renew restorative-economy stories-of-change
ReadTearfund Restorative Economy and Movement Building, 2018/09/01readmovement-building restorative-economy
ReadSingles and the Future of Integral Mission, , 2018/09/01readintegral-mission mission singles
ReadTearfund’s Understanding of Resilience, 2018/09/01readresilience tearfund
ReadTOOLS AND PEACE EDUCATION AFTER WAR, , , , readdrc education peace tools war
ReadFrom Reconciliation to Resilient Communities: Transcending Shame-Honour Culture, , , 2018/09/01readcommunities reconciliation resilient shame-honour-culture
ReadMy God, my God, why have you forsaken me, , 2018/09/01readresilience spirituality yahweh
ReadWorship and Justice: Spirituality that Embodies and Mobilizes for Justice, , 2018/09/01readjustice spirituality worship
ReadMicah Global M-series booklets, readbooklets m-series
ReadUrban Shalom – The Practice of Hope, , 2017readcities practice-of-hope urban-shalom
ReadAdvocacy Campaigns, readadvocacy campaigns
ReadBeyond Cupcake Ministries, readwomen women-in-ministry
ReadUmoja (from Tearfund UK), , , , readchurch community togetherness transformation umoja
ReadResilience in Partnerships to Transform the City, , , readcity partnerships reslience transform
ReadThe Advocacy Toolkit from Tearfund UK, readadvocacy toolkit
ReadJust Faith, readfaith jesus
ReadMDG 2011 Report, 2011/07/11readmdg-report millenium-development-goals
ReadRise in Strength – A call to the church on women, , , 2019/06/27readcall church rise-in-strength women
ReadMicah Brasil’s Declaration on Amazon Fires, , 2019/08/26readamazon brasil fires
ReadThe Ecclesia, Children and Transformation, , readchildren ecclesia transformation
ReadHuman Rights and Child Soldiering, 2015/06/01readchild-soldiering human-rights
ReadMission Round Table —Take Up Your Cross: Suffering and the Church, readmission suffering
ReadSDG 1 – End Poverty, readpoverty sdg-1
ReadResilience and Palestinian Christians, , 2018/09/01readpalestine palestinian resilience
ReadWEA Calls on Nigerian Government, , , 2020/02/04readcall-to end-violence nigeria violence
ReadOnline Courses from CATIE, Costa Rico, 1999/04/15readcourse online
ReadPartnership Guidelines 2020, 1999/04/15readguidelines partnerships
ReadKeynote address Justice Steve Bradbury, , 2004/06/01readadvocacy justice keynote-address
ReadIntro Justice just as God requires, , 2012/07/15readjustice learning social-justice
ReadGod of Love and Justice, , 1999/04/15readjustice learning social-justice
ReadA Biblical Basis for Social Justice, 2012/07/01readbiblical social-justice
ReadCOVID-19/Coronavirus Information and Resources, 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadWorld Council of Churches (WCC): Resources, 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadWorld Evangelical Alliance (WEA): Resources, 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadMethodist Church: Resources, 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadCentras ESDRAS: Resources (Spanish), 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadWheaton HDI General information, 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadWheaton HDI: Preparing Your Church Resource, 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadChurches together in England, 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadWVI: Resources (special focus on children), 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadKeeping Healthy through this Coronavirus Crisis, 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadCHE Network: resources, 2020/03/15readcoronavirus covid
ReadRestorative Economy Report Tearfund, 2018/06/01readeconomy restorative
ReadGlobal Year of the Bible, 2019/09/05readbible year-of-the-bible
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