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Declaration on Creation Stewardship and Climate Change

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The Declaration on Creation Stewardship and Climate Change, which synthesizes the findings of the Fourth Triennial Global Consultation held in Kenya by the Micah Network from13-18 July 2009, may perhaps in time be regarded as the most significant document coming out of the evangelical movement on a subject that has hardly received in the past the attention it deserves from people who confess the triune God as the God of Creation.

Drafted by an international network that managed to organize very active participation in group discussion on the part of the people attending the Consultation, this document is a superb summary of the ecological concerns of a global evangelical network fully committed to God’s integral mission, conceived as the proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel. The hope is that the Declaration will not only serve as an agenda for the members of the Micah Network but that it will also encourage Christians everywhere to take seriously the global environmental crisis resulting from “ignorance, neglect, arrogance and greed,” to overcome the traditional dichotomy between evangelism and socio-ecological responsibility, and to become actively engaged in practicing and promoting the care of God’s creation.