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The Local Church and Wholistic Development

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Paper given by Danladi Musa at the Christian Community Development conference, Mosbach, Germany, March 2005.

"The local church in most cases has not been involved in the development process in most African countries. . .[It] is only asked to give support to the efforts of the development department or the para-church organisation but it is not seen as part and parcel of the development process. In many cases, the local church is by-passed and the Christian development organisations deal directly with the local communities.

"This lack of involvement of the local church in the development process has made the church not to be truly the light and salt of the community in which it is situated. It has also made the church not to have a positive influence on the community. It also makes the church’s evangelistic efforts less effective as the church tends to look over look many needs in the community.

"The local church should see development programmes as part and parcel of their ministry. As the local church is part of the community, it should embark on community mobilisation programmes aimed at enabling people [to] identify, analyse, plan and take action to solve their problems so that people can live fulfilled lives as intended by God."