Beauty, The Arts and Church Planting as an Act of Creating Beauty

by Bill Drake – Director of Catalytic Ministries, OM International – USA – September 2018

Human Beings are given the task of bringing Beauty to a fallen world within every facet of culture, be it Justice, Worship, or Art.  As an expression of the heart, as a prophetic signpost to the deeper implications of truth having transformed a life, or as a meditative aid to focusing one’s mind and heart on God’s revelation, the arts are indispensable when it comes to worship.  We can therefore say that the Arts are necessary for the Church, because our God is a Beautiful God.

But we go farther:  Being engaged in planting vibrant communities of Jesus followers is also an act of proliferating Beauty in a world bereft of it on so many levels.  The birthing of the Body and Bride of Christ into areas of the world where it is not, is an act of creating Beauty on many levels of life and culture, not just aesthetically, but also in virtue, in order, in compassion, and in justice.