Church and Community Mobilisation to Build Resilient Communities in SE Asia


Debora Suparni – Director, Yayasan Sion – Indonesia

Arshinta Soemarsono – Director, YAKKUM – Indonesia

Norman Franklin C. Agustin – Director, Lingap Pangkabataan – Philippines

Fennelien Stal – Impact & Learning Coordinator – Country lead Indonesia & the Philippines, Tear NL – Netherlands

 October 2016 & September 2018

Since 2016 Yayasan Sion, YAKKUM, LPI and Tear Netherlands have gained valuable experience on establishing a network and a CoP to support churches to build resilient communities through Church and Community Mobilisation processes. They would like to share their experiences to promote this integrated, locally owned and church based approach to resilience building, to make recommendations as well as welcoming discussion and feedback of colleague organisations.