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Christian Wholistic Development

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This booklet sets out a Christian approach to development. Published by CRUDAN, the Christian Rural Development Association of Nigeria, in 2002.

"Many Christians are afraid to get involved in development work because they are not sure if it is a Christian activity and they do not want to ‘compromise’ their faith. Even when people are involved it is often seen as a second priority. Here, we argue that it is a very Christian activity, and outline why that is so, suggest what is involved and how to become involved.

Our heart’s desire as CRUDAN is for the church to believe that Christian wholistic development is an imperative for them to be part of and to start to make an impact in the lives of the people, especially the poor, in their communities. CRUDAN offers its services of awareness raising, training and supporting (counselling) to any church that wants to take up this biblical mandate and make a difference in people’s lives for the glory of God."


Chapter One: Development and Dichotomies
Chapter Two: Theology of Development
Chapter Three: Shalom and The Kingdom of God
Chapter Four: Evangelism or Social Action ?
Chapter Five: Goals of Christian Wholistic Development
Chapter Six: Practicing Christian Wholistic Development
Chapter Seven: Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
Chapter Eight: The Role of the Church