Does Integral Mission include everything that God requires of us and does God require of us everything included in Integral Mission?

Daniel Hillion  –  SEL France

May  2021

The Micah Network owes its name to the well-known verse from the Old Testament prophet: ‘What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’

(Micah 6:8) Its fundamental concept is ‘Integral Mission’ whose definition has been given in the Micah Declaration on Integral Mission (2001).

The concept of ‘Integral Mission’ has received widespread acceptance among the Evangelical Christians who are acquainted with it and part of its definition has been included in the Cape Town Commitment, giving it still more weight. Yet one wonders if everybody really gives it the same meaning, despite some common general ideas receiving acceptance, like ‘evangelism and social action belong together’.

The aim of this paper is to discuss the scope of Integral Mission. It seems to me that the expression ‘Integral Mission’ as used by the Micah Network tends to include everything that God requires of us, whereas the term ‘Mission’ has not always had so broad a meaning among Christians. Instead, mission has been viewed as only one of the things (maybe the most important) that God requires of us.