Engaging Theological Minds: UMN's Collaborative Journey in Developing Theology of Integral Mission

by Durga P Khanal (Divya) – 27 July 2018

This brief article is written to document the key lessons learned from the integral mission curriculum development process in Nepal. Providing the situational update of the theological and biblical training institutions and their teaching learning practice on mission, the document outlines the significance of a new movement of Nepali theologians towards designing a contextual mission curriculum which is holistic in approach. The unceasing interest and tireless efforts of the contributors in producing this curriculum can be said to have initiated a new discourse in mission training in Nepal as the curriculum is gaining popularity among the majority training centers. Recording the challenges and issues the theologians and those involved had to grapple with in the process and lessons generated from this experience also makes a part of this document. Readers are invited to provide their feedback keeping in mind the improvement of this initiative in helping generate a wider movement of theologians and church leaders in reshaping the theology of mission in Nepal church context.