Faith Matters - the contribution of faith to health and healthcare in the post 2015 agenda

This paper is submitted by the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF)1, a network of 4,000 doctors and 800 medical students in the UK. We have a strong interest in global health, with over 170 of our members currently living and working in low income countries and hundreds more who are involved in regular short-term visits. Through the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA) we are affiliated with over 80 national Christian medical organisations around the world, many of which are in low-income countries.

CMF appreciates the opportunity to engage in the reflections on how to address the health needs of the world’s population post-2015. In this submission we focus on two issues:

1. The important link between faith and health to individuals and communities; the influence of faith cannot be ignored in the quest to improve the health of the world’s population.
2. The essential role of faith based organisations in healthcare provision.

Although CMF is an association of Christian doctors, our members regularly work closely with individuals and groups from other faiths. While examples given in this document are often of Christian organisations, the general principles set out apply to other faith groups as well.