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Partnership with Faith-based Organizations - UNAIDS Strategic Framework

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The goal of the UNAIDS–FBO strategic framework is to encourage stronger partnerships between UNAIDS and FBOs in order to achieve universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, which includes the integration of FBOs in comprehensive national AIDS responses.

The objectives of the UNAIDS–FBO strategic framework are to:

  • Encourage global and national religious leaders to take supportive public action in the AIDS response.
  • Create strong partnerships between UNAIDS and established FBOs working on HIV.
  • Promote strengthened links, including coordination and oversight, with FBOs at the country level to ensure that there is an appropriate interface as part of a comprehensive national AIDS response.
  • Strengthen the capacity of FBOs to work on HIV issues and the capacity of UNAIDS staff to work with FBOs.
  • Target FBOs not yet working on HIV to include HIV-related activities in their work.
  • Mobilize local faith communities to become involved in the local AIDS response.
  • Identify and document examples of FBO good practice.