Micah Global M-series booklets


The Micah Global publishing arm, “im:press“, has published six books in our M-Series on Integral Mission Foundations.

Integral Mission: Biblical Foundations by Melba Maggay

The idea of integral mission has risen from its Latin American origins to become a guiding star in the worldwide Body of Christ. But many are unsure of its biblical and theological foundations. In this series of four studies, Melba Maggay explores from a Filipino context the implications of classic Scripture passages for integral mission, and in particular their call to engage deeply in society and culture.

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Five Marks of Mission: making God’s mission ours by Chris Wright

Using the Anglican Communion’s Five Marks of Mission as his framework, Chris Wright sets out the whole concern of God for the redemption and healing of the whole person. God’s mission is seen to go far beyond the traditional concerns of evangelism and church planting. It includes engagement in society in acts of compassion and struggles for justice, and a commitment to the care and renewal of God’s creation.

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Rethinking Shame and Honour, by Arley Loewen

In many cultures, preserving personal and family honour, and avoiding shame, are key social goals. But how should we receive or give honour when we become new people in Christ? How can we reconcile Kingdom living with these cultural traditions? This challenging study invites us to look afresh at the principles of shame and honour, and their application in our societies, in light of the new life in Christ.

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Living in God’s Story, by Mark Galpin

Looking at the overarching story of the Bible, Mark Galpin demonstrates the inter-connectedness of the whole of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and the holistic and integral nature of the mission of God. Understanding this story enables us to interpret individual passages in the light of the whole Biblical narrative, and is key to deepening our engagement with God’s Word and God’s World.

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Rethinking Church, by Johannes Reimer with Chris Wright

Over the years of Micah Global facilitating integral mission conversations and dialogues around God’s mission, a question keeps arising – “What do we mean by church?” Perhaps instead of asking the question “What is church?” we needed to radically rethink church by exploring God’s Word together and drawing out key attributes that we could all agree on. For grassroots transformation to take place we need grassroots agents of change – who better that God’s people called out to take responsibility for God’s world? 

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Corruption and the Church by Martin Allaby

Corruption is one of the greatest threats to people living and thriving with all their needs met, and yet the Church is often absent in the struggle against it. We choose charity over fighting corruption, says Martin Allaby. Could it be that fighting corruption is one of the greatest tools in our struggle against poverty? 

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About the M-series

The M-series are a collection of short, accessible papers and articles being developed in response to the need for clear, authoritative statements on key themes. They form a foundation of historical and current ideas that contribute to our understanding and practice of integral mission.

These valuable reference documents will aim to promote reflection, dialogue, articulation and united action on core ideas and issues that move us towards transforming mission.

The M-series are an essential resource for practitioners, theologians, students, leaders, and teachers.

Further titles in this series are in the process of being prepared for publication.

For more information, contact publishing@micahnetwork.org.