Mission Round Table —Take Up Your Cross: Suffering and the Church

The Mission Round Table that focuses on Suffering and the Church. The cover picture, entitled ‘Carry the Cross’ by Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani, points to the theme of this volume of the Mission Round Table —Take Up Your Cross: Suffering and the Church.

The articles in this volume are:

  • Suffering and Mission: Narrative Research from Cambodia, with Special Reference to Cambodian Church History – Yuzo Imamura
  • Mission in High-risk Situations – Richard S.
  • Faith, Risk-taking, and Suffering in Mission – Ian Prescott
  • Mental Health and Mission – Lightyear
  • Those Who Seem to Be Weak: The Role of Disability within a Missional Framework – Donna Jennings
  • Worshipping God through Suffering – Walter McConnell
  • The Role Christian Values Play in Motivating International Christian Ministries’ Collaboration in Disaster Relief Work – Sng Bee Bee
  • Surrounded by So Great a Cloud of Witnesses – Claire McConnell

These articles offer missiological reflections on ministry to the suffering and historical examples of ministry resulting in personal tragedy and pain. The first three of them stem from the OMF Mission Research Consultation held in 2016. In “Suffering and Mission,” Yuzo Imamura reflects on how the scars inflicted on Cambodia through decades of suffering still impact the church and wider society.

In the next two articles, Richard S. and Ian Prescott consider the place of risk facing missionaries who bring good news about Jesus to people who may not want to hear it and to places where political, social, medical, moral, and other risks abound. Turning our attention to forms of suffering that are hidden to many, Lightyear and Donna Jennings highlight mission to people with mental illness and other disabilities. The needs here are great and growing, with wide-open doors for us to expand our ministries where few labor. 

The next article, “Worshipping God through Suffering,” aims to broaden our understanding of the worship of God by providing a basic introduction to biblical lament and suggesting ways in which it can be used in the church. Bee Bee Sng’s article considers the motivations of Christians who take part in disaster relief work and the outcomes of their ministry.

The final paper dips into CIM history by recounting a story of brigands kidnapping and murdering missionaries who sought to serve the Lord during a time of political upheaval.

~ Condensed from the Editorial

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