Partnership Guidelines 2020

Micah first published Partnership Guidelines back in 2005. They evolved out of a perceived and real need to strengthen our understanding and practice of partnership especially within our wider Micah family. We intentionally seek partnership because it is Biblical and because it enhances the mission of God. Partnership can be both enriching and challenging, and inevitably there are complex issues that arise, whether from communication, power dynamics, culture, expectations and conflicts. We wanted to strengthen our Micah members in their approach to and practice of partnership, and we hope that the new revised Partnership Guidelines will do just that.

A special thank you to Mark Galpin and Roshan Mendis for the facilitation of the review and drafting of the new Partnership Guidelines we now publish.

It is our hope that all Micah members will read and endorse these guidelines, drawing on them to strengthen and improve their partnerships.

Please read and share within your organisations.