Ray of hope

Oksana Gritsyuta

Regardless of nationality, religion or citizenship, any person wants to be happy. And God Himself created such an environment in which man could live with all his needs fulfilled. However, because of rejecting the Creator’s plan, people began to build their own world – and lost their hope for a happy life as a result. Since the first recorded fratricide, history is showing a growth of evil through family conflicts, tribal collisions and interstate wars. We could clearly see it looking at the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, which are marked by numerous wars and revolutions. The Arab world from Syria and Iraq to Yemen and Libya became a boiling pot of violence; Afghanistan is stuck in the fight against the Taliban; the countries of central Africa are torn apart by bloody firefights. On the whole globe there is not a single country that is not involved one way or another in the military conflict. Even European peace is in jeopardy now. According to some reports, more than 780 thousand people already died in wars during just the 21st century (Source: https://apparat.cc/world/endless-war/).

Unfortunately, philosopher George Santayana’s saying “The war ends only for the dead” – is a vivid truth in our days. And really, the war for those who are alive continues: and it’s not just military actions in some countries, but intrapersonal war and also a rivalry and competition between people. But it is specifically the military actions that are responsible for the fact that feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and abandonment became the basic moods of our era. And those moods are giving rich food for pessimistic sentiments that are finally killing any hope for a decent life.