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Globalization: HIV, AIDS and Drugs in Cape Town 2010

Ehab Al Kaharat, an Egyptian Psychiatrist and Preacher, looks at two faces… read

HIV & AIDs and Reconciliation at Cape Town 2010

Valdir Steuernagel, Cristo Greyling and Princess Zulu discuss HIV/AIDS and… read

HIV & AIDs Campaign - Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

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If Men Were Women by Donald Messer

This transcript is from a talk by Donald Messer who spoke at a Micah… read

Partnership with Faith-Based Organisations

This report from UNAIDS is a useful resource in looking at how to partner… read

Preventing Carer Burnout

Inter-Mission Care and Rehabilitation Society, a Micah Network member has… read

Reading Ephesians 5 in an HIV Epidemic, by Greg Manning

A focused reading of Ephesians Chapter 5 is important in the year 2010,… read

Reduction of Law-related Harm: A Biblical Affirmation of HIV Prevention, by Greg Manning

Developing a Biblical foundation for preventing the spread of HIV demands… read

Report of a Theological Workshop on Stigma and HIV & AIDs

UNAIDS have compiled this report from Theological workshops on the stigma… read