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Globalization: HIV, AIDS and Drugs in Cape Town 2010

Ehab Al Kaharat, an Egyptian Psychiatrist and Preacher, looks at two faces… read

HIV & AIDs and Reconciliation at Cape Town 2010

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HIV & AIDs Campaign - Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

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HIV Prevention: A Global Theological Conversation (Gillian Paterson ed., EAA)

HIV transmission is preventable. HIV and AIDS are treatable. And yet for… read

How to Talk about HIV Prevention in the Church

For over two decades AIDS has led to the deaths of millions of people and… read

If Men Were Women by Donald Messer

This transcript is from a talk by Donald Messer who spoke at a Micah… read

Le Code de bonnes pratiques pour les ONG ripostant au VIH/SIDA

Le Code de bonnes pratiques a été élaboré par des ONG pour les ONG afin… read

One Body - North-South Reflections in the Face of HIV and AIDS

THE NORDIC-FOCCISA CHURCH COOPERATION One Body consists of a collection of… read