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Erika Izquierdo Paiva

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Erika Izquierdo


Erika was raised in the Rainforest of Peru, just a block away from the most plentiful river in the world, the Amazon. She studied Dentistry with emphasis in Primary Health and also majored in Bible Science. From the time she was a student she was involved with the Movement of Evangelical University Students, with the particular concentration in mission--individual and structural transformation. Erika served as a Student Counselor for seven years in IFES- PERU.  After concluding, she began devoting her time in the training area of Human Rights and Struggling against the Poverty.   She has participated in several efforts of the Civil Society; Wide Youth Network (Interquorum), and through the citizen movement TRANSPARENCIA.  In addition, Erika helped to form the National Youth Board in Peru (CONAJU). In 2000-2001 she coordinated the Civic Movement of Evangelicals for Democracy that struggled against the Fujimori dictatorship. Since 2004, she has served as coordinator of Micah Challenge Campaign in Latin America, an innovation of the Evangelical Church in favor of the Millennium Development Goals.  Since 2006- 2010 she was a member of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty. Currently, Érika is a memeber of the Christian Reformed Church of North America and member of the board of the World Renew.