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Linda Martindale

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Communication Manager

The newest member to the Micah staff team, Linda is excited to be a part of a global organisation that encapsulates so much of what is important to her. A journalist, writer and editor by profession, Linda also works part-time with The Warehouse in Cape Town, South Africa in the area of writing, communications and advocacy. She has freelanced for various organisations and publications in different countries mainly in sub-Saharan Africa during her time as a writer, but is most excited about being a part of seeing the ‘kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’ and connecting and partnering with others who join with God in the work to see the end of suffering, poverty, division and injustice. “Micah 6:8 has been a bit of a life-purpose scripture in my life story, so it feels like a privilege to work for an organisation whose very DNA is about seeing that lived out by believers,” says Linda, “And I am excited to learn from and share with many of those heroes through this work and growing movement of Micah champions around the globe.”