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Prisca Wiles

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French Translator

Prisca Wiles

Prisca, 62, is French and married to Andrew Wiles who is English. She and Andrew have six children, three girls and three boys, and four grand children (a fifth one is due in October).

Prisca was a maths teacher in French secondary schools, but helped Andrew with translation since 1983. Since 1989 she has been working with LTC, a French association whose aims are to enhance worship by teaching and translating songs into French, and to help French song composers with the administrative part of their ministry.

For the last twelve years, she has worked with Croire Publications, which among other things publishes a Christian magazine helping people to evangelise their neighbours by giving them something they can give away, as a writer, proof-reader and harmoniser of the articles, and is currently the president of the association, which also publishes a manual of practical theology and booklets exploring more in depth some subjects linked to the magazine.

Since 2007 she has also been translating for Tearfund UK.