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Tatiana de Baptista Raineri

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Portuguese Translator

Tatiana de Baptista Raineri

My name is Tatiana de Baptista Raineri. I have been a volunteer Brazilian Portuguese translator with Micah Network since March 15th, 2006. It's been both a privilege and a responsibility, and I have been enjoying every bit of it. Not only do I get a chance to practice my translation skills and get to know other professionals, but also more importantly I use my God-given gifts to help with advocacy, justice, peace and for the expansion of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in Portuguese-speaking countries.

I am originally from Brazil but have been living in Canada for the past twelve years with my husband and two children. We attend the Peace Mennonite Church as a family. Ten years ago I invited Christ into my heart and I am happy I found Micah Network to share my passion for Him with their amazing volunteers and staff.