Kushamiri Contribution Guidelines

Contribution guidelines

Introduction to Kushamiri

Working in environments that are steeped in entrenched poverty, relentless inequality, greed, injustice and the impact of all of that on society, can leave us wondering what ‘success’ or lasting change looks like. How do we keep changing and bringing change? How do we keep moving forward as a collective, seeing God’s kingdom “come on earth as it is in heaven?” What does it mean to ‘flourish’ from God’s perspective? There are many reminders in the bible of God wanting us to flourish. Psalm 1:1-6 tell us that we will be like trees planted by streams of water, bearing good fruit. Psalm 92 speaks of the righteous flourishing. But what does Godly flourishing look like in today’s world and in your context?

The flourishing we seek is described in the invitation and the promise of Jesus Christ to his followers: “I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). It is this active abiding, us in Christ and Christ in us. We will also consider the fruit which such abiding produces, in our lives and in the communities where we are located. Considering flourishing from a biblical perspective, we are also reminded also of the text in Revelation 22:2 where the tree of life has twelve kinds of fruit and produces fruit every month. And the leaves of this tree are for the healing of the nations.

The joy of being part of a network is that we learn from a wide variety of perspectives, ways of thinking and being, and cultures and contexts. The more members and guests who participate in making contributions, the richer our learning and growth in understanding will be. Be a part of Kushamiri and share your ideas, experience, knowledge, creativity and skill with the other participants. Remember, its mostly not about creating something new (although you may of course choose to do that), but about looking through what you already have, and sharing items that speak to the theme of flourishing.

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We’ve created five resources you can use to share this in your Church. Depending on how long you have in a service, you may want to use all of these, or just a few of them. We’ve created these as digital resources so that they can be used in an online church service or in person:

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Partnership Guidelines 2020

Partnership Guidelines 2020

Micah first published Partnership Guidelines back in 2005. They evolved out of a perceived and real need to strengthen our understanding and practice of partnership especially within our wider Micah family. We intentionally seek partnership because it is Biblical and because it enhances the mission of God. Partnership can be both enriching and challenging, and inevitably there are complex issues that arise, whether from communication, power dynamics, culture, expectations and conflicts. We wanted to strengthen our Micah members in their approach to and practice of partnership, and we hope that the new revised Partnership Guidelines will do just that.

A special thank you to Mark Galpin and Roshan Mendis for the facilitation of the review and drafting of the new Partnership Guidelines we now publish.

It is our hope that all Micah members will read and endorse these guidelines, drawing on them to strengthen and improve their partnerships.

Please read and share within your organisations.

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