The Importance of Integrating Mental Health in Effective Development

The Importance of Integrating Mental Health in Effective Development


Becca Allchin - Occupational Therapist and development consultant

Stephanie Cantrill - Occupational Therapist with postgraduate qualifications in public health and clinical specialty in the area of chronic pain

Helen Fernandes - Occupational Therapist and a public health and development specialist with interest in disability and development

Authors are with TEAR Australia with the Effectiveness and International Program Team

TEAR Australia, together with three of its partners, have recently brought together a multi-phase research project which explores the place of mental health in community development, reflects upon current approaches and challenges, and creates a platform for the lived experience of mental illness to be heard. The research findings have challenged and expanded TEAR’s understanding of the place of mental health and wellbeing in community development and its centrality in building community resilience.  With increasing calls for mental health to be addressed through development programs, it is a crucial time to share these lessons and encourage churches and organisations to respond. Read the paper