Listen to Testimony to Flourishing

Listen to Testimony Flourishing

Testimony to Flourishing was a personal account of flourishing by Board members of Micah Global. Devotional in nature, they will challenge, inspire and broaden the listener’s understanding of flourishing. 

Ruth Valerio of Tearfund in the UK

Watch Listen – Audio only Ruth Testimony to Flourishing Intro Pic

Rolando Perez from Paz y Esperanza Perú (Spanish) 

Watch Listen – Audio only Rolando Testimony to Flourshing Intro Pic

Alia Abboud of LSESD in Lebanon 

Watch Listen – Audio only Alia Testimony to Flourishing Intro Pic

Sami DiPasquale of Abara in the USA 

Watch Listen – Audio only Sami Testimony to Flourishing Intro Pic

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