Challenging Injustice in Society

Challenging Injustice in Society

by Martin Kapenda


During these first few days of October we will be looking at the prophetic ministry of the prophet Amos during a time of enormous inequality and injustice. The status quo was immoral and Amos was moved to speak up, even though he was not ‘officially’ a prophet. He was a farmer from a rural area who saw the social evil of the time and spoke up against it.

Amos came from Tekoa, a little village south of Jerusalem that was dependent on farming. After he encountered God it changed his view of society – he could not see things the same way as before, and as he changed, he challenged the society around him. He could not help but condemn the injustices he saw around him. I like the book of Amos, but it is a book that threatens me – it is a book that challenges the religious and political establishment. Let us discover why in these next few days as we look into Amos.

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