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What We Do

What We Do

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What We Do

We are a network

Networks are set up to provide support to members. They evolve from an identified need and their role is often to focus on ways of increasing efficiency and effectiveness of their like-minded members.

Micah Network’s identified need is integral mission and the network seeks to create a support structure to enrich and enhance our practice of integral mission - we could term this integral discipleship.

As a global network we can facilitate the bringing together of organisations and individuals committed to integral mission so that fellowship, shared learning, partnership, cooperation, and radical discipleship can flourish. We serve as a platform where all Christians are effectively involved in world mission as equal members in the body of Christ.

Our Missionto motivate and equip and global community of Christians to embrace and practice integral mission.

In order to achieve this we have established three core programme objectives:

1. Integral Mission:

To promote, encourage and motivate Christians to embrace and practice integral mission.

2. Enhancing Capacity:

To enhance the capacity of members as they strive to make a biblical-shaped holistic response in our world through active engagement in relief, rehabilitation, development, environmental care, speaking out and standing for justice.

3. Networking:

To serve, support and share with one another, strengthening our inter-dependence and increasing our impact and mutual accountability.

In order to support members embrace and practice integral mission we use three inter related holistic transformational areas to empower and equip:

Theological Perspectives (the why):

Real change comes through the transforming of our hearts and minds. Maturity comes through increasing the depth of our knowledge and relationship with Christ. Having a true vision of Jesus, a growing understanding of the Gospel. Our theology of salvation will impact our theology of mission. We therefore need to ensure we reflect on theological perspectives in our focus areas, which in turn will influence and inform our practice.

Good Practice (the how):

Good works are signs of the Kingdom of God here and now (responding to real needs, bringing release to the poor, oppressed and marginalised, caring for creation, working for peace and reconciliation); good news is sharing the facts of what has been accomplished by Christ, his love and redemption of the world, and a call to faith to all.

Learning (the process):

Taking time together to reflect, monitor and evaluate our impact will help us to continually grow and mature and thus be more effective for God. We need to be encouraged and inspired by one another, capturing testimonies of transformation, case studies of good practice, research and learning, which in turn will sharpening our theological reflection and good practice guidelines. It’s about training and capacity building of one another to live to our full potential as we demonstrate Gods love in our world.

How does Micah Network work?

1. Convening and facilitating various types of events such as:

Conversations: This is an event set up to introduce new organisations to the concept (theological, good practice and learning) we have on integral mission. It is also used as a platform to consolidate and encourage current members in their application and thinking of integral mission.

Workshops: A workshop is a training event, which is for members only where we tackle cross-cutting or thematic issues that the members have identified and requested help in. For example you could hold a workshop on leadership, good governance, PEP, HIV and AIDs, environment etc. The main priority is that the topic needs to be taught through the lens of integral mission - i.e. holistic transformational approach. The outputs would need to have theological, good practice and learning aspects in them.

Consultations: A consultation is an event in which the objective is to focus on specific themes, unpack them and seek input from the experts and participants - there would be discussion groups, some presentations, some debates and usually the output is a document that states learning and may even be a declaration or statement if intent..

Reviews: A review is a gathering of invited participants to look through outputs of a specific event, project or theme - you are "reviewing" and deciding what needs to be done next.

Forums: This is usually a meeting (ongoing) that is held through an e-platform / virtual meeting. Micah Network currently has a number of forums e.g.: HIV and AIDs, Environment, Advocacy, Gender, Disability. A wiki is an integrated part of the forums, allowing members to share their material so that best practice can be discerned and then made accessible on the resource page of the web site.

Fellowship / Networking: This is simply a gathering to get to know one another share and fellowship. This is to strengthen the network. It normally happens during or just after an event, but can be planned simply on its own.


2. Strengthening practice through resource development, dissemination and research


Micah Network will carry out research and development projects on identified crosscutting / thematic concerns so as to address concerns, collate best practice, and ensure learning and resource is accessible throughout the network.

Project work will be carried out with and through members. Utilisation of various platforms for enhancing capacity of members and sharing learning will be a major output of all projects.


  • Topics: The cross cutting and thematic areas that Micah network has worked on and is currently working on.
  • Library: Collation of a Varity of types of material to enhance our understanding on integral mission.
  • Prayer Focus: A weekly update on prayer points from around our network, with a special monthly devotional to draw from at staff / church prayer meetings. To receive the prayer focus please contact to have your e-mail address added to the directory. You can view our monthly devotionals here.


Stories from around the world that are news-worthy, featuring current affairs items, pieces from Micah Network members and other things to be aware of in relation to Christian ministry and serving God through integral mission.